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Canada is welcoming 1.5 million
new immigrants by 2025


अगर हम आपको कनाडा का वीजा नहीं दे सकते तो कोई और नहीं दे सकता

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Visas Immigration Services

Visa Immigration Services is one of India's best immigration consulting companies. Established in May 2016 in Canada from a small office with a team of the best immigration consultants, our company has registered exponential growth and success in the past few years.
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Software Engineer

When it comes to immigrating to Canada, I definitely suggest VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES to all of my friends and colleagues.
I will always be grateful to the team of VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES for the best consultation given to me for the Canada visa. I am highly impressed with the clarity of the process they follow. I visited many other, but these guys are awesome with their work. They help me to get the high IELTS score and to improve the CRS score of my profile. I got my visa in the month of November 2022.


I took the immigration service of VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES and it is impressive and I recommend it to everyone. Huge thanks!
I personally meet with visa officer who supported me a lot in every step. I would say VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES case manager is best with their work. I visited the office for some doubt but later on the process completed via phone and email. They helped me to improve my CRS and it will help to get my ITA. I recommend everyone for the visa consultation to VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES.



It's an amazing process to get PR visa. I am naive and I hired the consultant and I am happy for my decision.
As a new aspirant in the market in 2017, I hesitate to take the visa consultant through VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES, but they changed my perception. I am one of their initial clients, but still, they were very professional and showed their expertise in every manner. They told me it would take 6 to 7 months for the Canada visa and due to my poor IELTS result in the first two attempts I was a little bit late but still, they were supportive. I got my Canada PR in June 2019.

Immigrate to Canada with Visas Immigration Services

India’s Best Immigration Consultants for Canada

Visas Immigration Services offers end-to-end solutions for immigrants looking to immigrate to Canada. Whether you want to study, work, invest, or apply for Canada PR - WE CAN HELP YOU!

Discover your Canada Immigration options with ICCRC-authorized immigration consultants.

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Immigrate to Canada: FAQs

  • How to immigrate to Canada from India?

    There are currently 104+ pathways to immigrate to Canada from India. Some of the most popular ones include:

    • Express Entry - Immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.
    • Provincial Nominee Program - Immigrate to Canada by being nominated by a Canadian province or territory.
    • Start-Up Visa – Immigrate to Canada by starting a business and creating jobs.
    • Study Visa – Immigrate to Canada as an international student.

  • Express Entry is the fastest and most popular pathway to apply for Canada PR visa. Ideal Express Entry candidates would meet the following Canada immigration requirements:

    • Be under 40 years old.
    • Hold q Bachlor's degrees or a Master's degree.
    • Be able to demonstrate moderate to high English and/or French language proficiency.
    • Have at least two years of skilled work experience.

  • The process to apply for PR in Canada under Express Entry can be done in 5 easy steps.

    Step 1: Find out if you’re eligible for an Express Entry managed stream.
    Step 2: Check your CRS score.
    Step 3: Get your documents ready.
    Step 4: Fill out your Express Entry profile.
    Step 5: Receive an invitation and apply for Canada PR visa.

  • The CRS calculator is a points-based system that Canada uses to assess and score your profile and rank it in the Express Entry pool. It’s used to assess your

    • Skills
    • Education
    • Language Ability
    • Work Experience
    • Other factors

    Get in touch with our Canada Immigration Consultants to calculate your CRS score.

  • The service-standard processing time for Express Entry applications is 6 months. Processing times are based upon many factors including country of residence, type of application, and completeness.

Annual Salaries in Canada

Art $ 38,374 ₹ 20.9 lacs
Legal $ 81,155 ₹ 44.2 lacs
Finance $ 71,883 ₹ 39.2 lacs
Engineering $ 79,347 ₹ 43.3 lacs
Hospitality $ 32,263 ₹ 17.6 lacs
Transportation $ 43,193 ₹ 23.5 lacs
Food services $ 32,404₹ 17.6 lacs
Sales & Marketing $ 59,460 ₹ 32.4 lacs
Childcare & Education$ 51,624 ₹ 28.1 lacs
Information Technology $ 82,807 ₹ 44.8 lacs
Retail & Customer service $ 36,909 ₹ 20.1 lacs
Shipping & Manufacturing $ 32,287 ₹ 17.6 lacs
Healthcare & Social sevices $ 66,635₹ 36.3 lacs
Construction & Maintenance $ 54,956 ₹ 29.9 lacs
Accounting & Administration $ 51,275 ₹ 27.9 lacs

Ref. Taken From Canada Official Website

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happy-icon Some More Success Stories


I took the services of VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES in 2018 for Canada visa.
At the time the company office is situated in Kalka Ji, New Delhi. I visited the office before the process and whatever they told me I followed their steps. Initially, I was skeptical, but I did not know the visa process. I gave IELTS exam again to get better marks, and I miserably failed. I would recommend everyone, and please prepare for the exam very well the score will help you in any visa process. After that VISAS Immigration Services took care of everything like follow-ups regularly, mocks, documentation, and profile creation. They helped me to got my PR visa.



I met with the VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES team and they are good at the business. I am impressed with their process and very good consultation.

 VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES is the best visa consultancy service in India from my point of view. I recommend everyone to meet with the VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES. They are right in their work and appoch. I hope you will get the visa process as simple as I got. I am impressed with their 24x7 support, and they are prompt in reply. It's good to see this type of commitment to the work.

I think getting a visa is not a natural process but VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES makes it easy for me. I want to visit Australia, but later on, I had changed my mind and move for Canada PR visa. Thanks for VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES to get me my visa for CANADA.


Every organization has pros and cons. In VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES, I would say they are in the balanced side.
They tried to clear my doubts in the early phase of the process. For the next few months, I was well aware with every step and where and when I got my pr visa. However still, 6 to 8 months is a long time to get the PR. So please prepare yourself to get into the process. Alternatively, if you fail to obtain the good IELTS band path will be difficult in general. However, this is the par job from consultancy. If you want guidance and consultation, a visa consultant will help you the most. I hired VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES, and they are good with their work, and I recommend them to everyone.



Before going to hire visa consultant, I inquired about the all leading visa consultants.
At that point, I landed at VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES they look helpful to me after reading the reviews of the customer and visit their office. I started with the assessment form and based on the recommendation I choose Canada visa. I was amused by their support service they are available 24 hours for you. I appreciate my case manager who is especially paying attention to my queries. Thanks, VISAS IMMIGRATION SERVICES. You guys are awesome.